There are many reasons why you might consider having new cabinets installed in your kitchen. Whether it is for aesthetic reasons or functional concerns, replacing your cupboards is not a decision that should be taken lightly. At D.R. Dimes, we are happy to create the custom cabinets of your dreams, walking you through the design process step by step as we help you decide on materials, layout, and other important factors. So, how do you know when the time has come to replace your cabinets? Check out a few common reasons customers ditch their old cupboards and opt for custom cabinets below, then call our woodworkers at 603-379-6757 to start your custom cabinetry project!

When You Should Consider Custom Cabinets

Your Cabinets Don’t Suit Your Needs

As you are emptying the dishwasher or preparing a meal, it can be very frustrating when it seems like you are constantly struggling to put dishes away or take glasses out of your cupboards. Your existing cabinets may be too tall, too narrow, or they may simply not provide you with enough storage. Since they are designed specifically with your lifestyle and storage needs in mind, custom cabinets offer homeowners with a perfect solution for getting the most functionality out of their kitchen.

Your Cabinets Are Damaged

Like any other part of your home, your cupboards may be damaged in one way or another. Whether it is from water, smoke, fire, or just plain old wear and tear over the years, there may come a time when replacing your cabinets is necessary for the sake of safety and functionality. If you ever find yourself in this position, it is the perfect time to consider whether or not you could benefit from custom cabinets. As we reviewed in our previous post, custom cabinetry offers many incredible benefits that you are sure to love.

You’re Remodeling Your Kitchen

Are you kicking around the idea of a major kitchen remodel because your kitchen is outdated or the layout just isn’t conducive to food prep, cooking, or hosting friends and family for a meal? If you have made the decision to completely gut your kitchen and remodel it from floor to ceiling, there is no better time to consider custom cabinets. You’ll have a lot of new, modern features in your kitchen, and you certainly don’t want to hang your old, outdated cabinets. Custom cabinets can be used to complement virtually any layout and design preference.

Your Cabinets Are Made From Low-Quality Materials

You may feel like your cupboards open and close just fine, and you might even feel like they offer you plenty of room to store all of your kitchen essentials. However, if your cabinets are made from cheap materials, there is a chance that they may need to be replaced sooner rather than later. While most wood cabinets are made to last for years, those that are made out of low-quality materials, like compressed particle board, won’t last as long. Custom cabinets offer a stylish, long-lasting solution that will last a lifetime!

Custom Cabinets for Your New England Home

No matter why you are thinking about getting rid of your existing kitchen cabinets, D.R. Dimes is here to help New England homeowners discover the difference that high-quality custom cabinets can make. Our skilled woodworkers can create cupboards that suit your unique needs and lifestyle, making your kitchen both beautiful and functional.

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