Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design

For this unique kitchen cabinet design, we chose Butternut wood. It is a relatively soft, chestnut-colored wood that is rarely used, and it can be difficult to find. It does, however, have a very attractive grain and a warm appearance. As with every kitchen, we only use one-piece panels during the cabinet manufacturing process. While they are rare in woodworking, they are even more rare in butternut.

This kitchen sink features a D.R. Dimes signature design element with the dovetail bracket base. Many kitchen shops will put a furniture base on a sink, but we haven’t seen anyone dovetail it. As primarily furniture makers, it is only logical for us to include this in kitchen cabinet design. To the right of the sink is the dishwasher, and to the left, there is a rollout trash bin, both of which include wonderful solid bronze handles. The matching Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer, also with solid bronze appliance handles, were a tight fit, but we managed. The integration of modern appliances is critical to a quality job.

Granted, most homes don’t have room for a pantry area such as this, nor do they have a double sink, but it is both beautiful and useful. We make a lot of tall wall pantry units since they provide large volumes of convenient storage.