Questions About Our Custom Cabinetry

Do you sell your custom cabinetry through dealers or directly to homeowners?

We work directly with homeowners, contractors, and architects.


Do you install your custom cabinetry for kitchens?

No, we do not. We do engineer the cabinetry to be installed as easily as possible so qualified installers can install it easily and efficiently. In any case, we can always be reached during business hours for consultation.


Can we visit the shop to see the work being done?

Yes, we encourage visits to the shop during both the planning and building phase of a project. You can meet the craftsmen that are working on your cabinets and discuss details. It’s actually pretty fun. Everyone who comes to the shop seems to enjoy it.


Where are you and can we get a kitchen or library halfway across the country?

We are in Northwood, New Hampshire which is about halfway between Portsmouth and Concord. We can ship a project virtually anywhere blanket-wrapped by a furniture mover.


Who does the design work for your custom cabinetry?

Douglas P. Dimes is the Chief Designer and President of the company. He will guide you through all phases of planning and he will oversee the construction in the shop. Usually, he will make a small, but special, detail himself, if time permits.


Do you provide countertops?

Most high-end kitchens have a natural counter surface like granite, soapstone, or slate. We do not supply any of those.


Is the finish used on the kitchens the same as the furniture?

No, the finish on the custom cabinets for kitchens is much tougher. We use a high-quality catalyzed lacquer that is designed specifically for the kind of use a kitchen gets.


How long does it take to get a kitchen?

The honest answer is “it depends.” Usually, it takes at least 12 to 16 weeks from design and engineering to the completion of custom cabinetry. We may have four kitchens to do, but three of them may not be scheduled for months. Sometimes, we may have time to fit in your project sooner than you might expect.


How do I go about purchasing a kitchen?

Give us a call. We will go through the design process with you. A deposit is given to reserve a production slot. We build your D.R. Dimes American Cabinetry and prepare it to be shipped. The balance is paid and your kitchen or project will be delivered blanket-wrapped to the site.