Quarter-Sawn Custom Kitchen Cupboards

We created these custom kitchen cupboards for Ken Foster, one of the finest and most knowledgeable builders we have ever met. He had a very specific vision and we were so grateful he put his faith in us. The wood used for this project is 200-year-old quarter-sawn white oak. Since it was sawed out of old timber, there was no material with width. We book matched every panel, giving the cabinetry that butterfly appearance. We took great care to select the best wood grain for the focal points of the kitchen, at Ken’s insistence, of course.

The custom kitchen cupboards built to hold the 48-inch Sub-Zero refrigerator is backed by a wall pantry finished in red crackle paint. The single tall cabinet directly behind the fridge is recessed, both for visual interest and for ease of installation. It contains brooms, mops, and other cleaning supplies, a detail that is often overlooked.