A Truly Unique Custom Kitchen

The Maine kitchen is purely a reflection of the owners. Lovers of all things old and unique, they had a clear, if not complicated, vision. The room has been completely renovated. The windows, antique flooring, antique paneling, and, of course, the cabinets designed by our custom cabinet builders are all new components to an amazing space. As you can see, they didn’t want a traditional kitchen, and they have no uppers other than the one wall cupboard. The island is made up of two pieces: two columns and a large frame to accommodate the tiger maple countertop. The dishwasher is hidden behind a door to the right of the sink. The pantry houses the refrigerator and freezer drawers so as not to be seen in the general kitchen space. Most of the storage is in the multitude of drawers around the kitchen.

Our custom cabinet builders can take credit only for the making of the cabinets. While Mr. Dimes was involved in the design and the master craftsmen at D.R. Dimes & Company did a fine job executing the plan, the kitchen it was a relatively small part of a great project. We are blessed to have had the chance to have been involved.