Simply the best!!

Simply the best!!  When I was searching for a way to significantly up-grade my kitchen my first preference was D.R. Dimes!  I had never owned any of their furniture, but had certainly admired the detail and quality of workmanship.  Then I learned that D.R. Dimes made custom kitchens and I was sold especially after I did comparisons I found the value and unique approach to their kitchen solutions to outpace anything competitors were offering.  The fit and fishing are beyond amazing and  am writing this review after two years of experience.  The kitchen looks as great at the day it was installed and everything, I mean everything, functions as well as it did at the time it was installed.

I especially appreciated the kitchen showed up in large pieces giving me the custom built “on-site” look I wanted but produced in a workshop environment where conditions are much more controlled than the jobsite.  The installation occurred on time with the rest of the project and on budget!  I couldn’t have been more thrilled!  I reside close enough to the factory that Doug Dimes offered the D.R. Dimes folks, including himself to conduct the installation personally.

Day one and years later I would make exactly the same choice.  The Dimes family is a bit of a legend in the furniture business and let me assure anyone who reads this there is a reason they have the brand reputation for seeking satisfaction and perfection!

Rob Freese