Premium Custom Cabinets for New England

Personalized Design

Douglas P. Dimes handles all aspects of design, personally ensuring you’ll always get a D.R. Dimes kitchen through and through. Each project is unique, and our custom cabinet builders will work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your vision of your dream kitchen. In almost every case, clients become close friends

Bottom-Line Pricing

Unlike many kitchen cabinet makers, with D.R. Dimes, there are no extra expenses incurred because of various options.  There are no upgrades. The price is derived from the volume of cabinets, and it is based on the different types of cabinets in the design and your choice of wood. Once the price is agreed upon, that is the price.  As long as the design stays within the original footprint, you can have whatever you want.

Why Bottom-Line Pricing?

Having to make a cost-benefit analysis on all sorts of choices, like hardware, or whether or not to have rollouts is a barrier to arriving at the optimal finished design. Our theory is that if we only make the very best, how can there be an upgrade? With some companies, these extras can add as much as 25 to 35 percent to the original price of custom cabinetry.  Having confidence in the price helps make the creative process fun and stress-free.

The Quality Woodworking

For our custom cabinet builders, the woodworking is the easy part. Known as one of the great furniture makers in the country, D.R. Dimes is over-qualified to make quality cabinetry.  All our frames are made with precise mortise and tenon joinery. Naturally, the drawers are dovetailed. Mr. Dimes has often said, “We can make anything that any kitchen cabinet maker can make, but the reverse is not even close to being true.”

Custom Cabinetry Engineering

The part of cabinetry design that is rarely considered is the underlying engineering. Our aim is to create each kitchen in as few pieces as possible. The only limitation is whether or not the box containing the custom cabinetry can be moved and whether or not we can we get it into the house. We have no specific box sizes. There are no 18-inch, 24-inch, or 30-inch standard box sizes, and there are certainly no filler boxes. The result is a cleaner appearance and a vastly simplified installation.

Premium Cabinetry Wood

Many of our clients have come to us specifically because they love tiger maple, which is a type of wood that we are famous for using in our custom cabinet designs. We can, however, work with any wood, including reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood requires a high level of understanding and attention to detail. Being able to sort the wood out and use the best pieces in the focal points of the kitchen are paramount.  Our craftsmen are experienced at that very skill.

Custom Cabinetry Finish

The finish work on a project can make it or break it. We can do all manner of finishes depending on the client and the architecture. Some require a more primitive look, while others want a very refined and precise finish. We always use the client’s vision to guide us. In any case, we have an elegant solution for virtually any project.

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